Saturday, October 19, 2013

Written In The Stars

So, alot of people know me as
The Sign Guy, or The Birthday Guy, or The Card Reading Guy.

I will tell you that over 70% of the time I meet someone who has already been given a heads up about my incessant talk of birthdays and signs, 

I get this type of remark hurled in my direction.
"Just knowing your birthday tells you what I am like? Tells you who I am?
You think you know me? Well let's see."

I didn't start reading astrology or cards in order to combat with people.
I wanted to help them and myself understand each other a little better, maybe get some insight not previously uncovered, and in general, bring us all as a human family closer.

I was about 9 when my Grandpa came over for a family dinner one night.
In his hand he held the most amazing gadget. A hand held calculator at this time was a novelty in and of itself, but my Grandpa....whoa, he launched an interest in my head to this day I trace back to that very item.

It was an Astrology Calculator.
You could enter one persons birthday, and then an others and then they would be compared in
4 different areas: Purpose/Mind/Love/Style
Here is a picture of the gadget from Radio Shack circa 1980

I was amazed, in wonder and awe, and I had to have one.
I don't know how I actually got one of my own, but managed to do so and use it for years.
This was my first introduction into the Zodiac and Astrology, and it was no accident.

So when our paths do cross, and I ask your birthday,
Please know that I am not interested in labeling, judging, and putting you into my own little box.
I'm sharing with you something that has been a special gift, one I have not completely utilized until now.
I feel from the heart, from the gifts of the spirit, and with the intention of helping each other to remember who we were before our minds were veiled.

I have been asked so much about individual signs, that I have decided to devote a post to each one with the little tid bit characteristics I have learned over the years.
None of the characteristics should be considered stone, they are more like taffy.
You see some characteristics standing out and obvious in some, while others have the same attribute dormant.
Also, as I list these items, please note, none of them are bad.
There is no such thing.
So if you ask me which attributes are good and which ones are bad,
I will assume you are either the worrying Virgo, or the extreme Gemini.

Once again, I hope you enjoy, and if there are items or stories you would like to share about your sign, please do.

Luvyameenit, Ryry