Sunday, November 27, 2016

WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? Your Sign Is Out of This World

Each Astrological Sign is also connected to a planet in our solar system. Some have one all to their lonesome, as others share it's place in space. To those that share: this does not mean you are the same, or compatible for that matter. To those that claim one all to themselves, explore it's meaning, as everything has it's place, and just maybe you can discover where yours resides......xo, ryfromthesky


YOUR SIGN: Are You A Good Witch? Or A Bad Witch?

Ever meet someone that shares your astrological sign and think, "my this is quite a bitch!"No worries, just like Oz, the astrological signs have a spectrum of good to umm....not so good. The silver lining? Within yourself lies the ability to use your powers for good or for not so good......See how these validate, and comment accordingly......xo, ryfromthesky


Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Each of the planets out there floating in the sky not only are assigned to a Zodiac Sign, but each carry specific meanings for everyone of us!! They exists as reminders to help remember and unlock the parts of our brain we chose to have veiled when we journeyed into this life..REVIEW, AND REMEMBER!! May the Force be with you and as always LUVYAMEENIT!! RY

Now the South and North Node aren't actually planets....They are the the points where the moon crosses the planet and creates what are know to us as the eclipse....knowing the moon is what governs the movement of the tides on Earth, these two coordinates are also included in the astrology of the planets, although not assigned to a specific Zodiac Sign....