Monday, May 12, 2014

E Pluribus Zodiac? ....It's All Latin To Me

Looking for some extra adjectives to describe your star sign?Do what I always do:Consult a dead language!See your star sign meaning from Latin, and see how well it translates.Who says the passed never speak?Luvyameenit, Ry

Aries=         Latin:: VITA              Translation: "LIFE"
Taurus=      Latin: LUCRUM       Translation: "WEALTH"
Gemini=      Latin: FRATRES      Translation: "BROTHERS"
Cancer=      Latin: GENITOR      Translation: "PARENT"
Leo=            Latin: NATI               Translation: "CHILDREN"
Virgo=         Latin: VALETUDO  Translation: "HEALTH"
Libra=         Latin:  UYOR            Translation: "SPOUSE"
Scorpio=      Latin: MORS            Translation: "DEATH"
Sagittarius= Latin: HER               Translation: "JOURNEYS"
Capricorn=  Latin: REGNUM      Translation:  "KINGDOM"
Aquarius= Latin: BENEFACTA  Translation: "FRIENDSHIP"
Pisces=         Latin: CARCER       Translation: "PRISON"

What's the meaning of it all Ry?
"You can't tell where you are going, unless you know where you have been."